I’m Jessie, a lifestyle, portrait, and concert photographer

I help guide you to bring your dream photoshoot to life!

I have been taking photographs since I was a small child with a disposable camera in the 90's. Fast forward to now, I have been a professional portrait photographer for over 7 years. I am an extremely sentimental person so having the ability to preserve moments in time is such a joy. I do not stick to one specific style when shooting as every client, location, and event is different. I want the photographs I take of you to reflect who you are and how you felt at that exact moment.


Fact 1

I was raised in a small town in the hill country near Austin, so I have a tendency to gravitate towards sessions with landscape. I also have a love for architecture so I enjoy sessions with beautiful buildings as well.


Fact 2

Sneaking portraits of my friends while we are hanging out is an odd hobby of mine. All my friends will attest if we chill they probably end up with an instagram worthy photograph, even if it's just from my iPhone.


Fact 3

I love to travel. Anytime I visit somewhere new I love bringing my camera to photograph as much as I can!


Fact 4

I love music, I have been blessed with friends who are musicians and have been in the Austin music scene for decades. It is always fun to meet new artists and one of the reasons I shoot concerts now!

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